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Katylo I followed every step is written and I haven't been able to make my slide to show up in my website. Could someone help me?permalink


cwillcarol I cannot see this on my PC. I can see it on ipad but can't hear it. I really need this info. ?????permalink


Leong How come some of the images cannot be displayed as part of the portfolio on the webpage theme page. It is shown as no image. Is there any particular photo size dimension that i have to follow? Thank Youpermalink


Insonne My events don't add. I installed demo version, and events are not present too! Website:


websiteplant how do you add the 3 column post inside of the home holder?????permalink


lbleier I have added 8 events exactly to spec and created a calendar page as shown here. However my events refuse to show up anywhere on the site. Any help out there. Sigh :(permalink


danmaat this is helpful. Can you direct in how to create it so the images are not boxed but go to the edges of the page (like the demo)? That would be most helpful to me.permalink


guerillagrafix We bought this template and it is wonderful! Thank you for the screencast as well. I deleted all of the stuff off of the homepage and was trying to figure out how to get the 3 posts back up. Thanks again! The only thing is when I create a New Post it doesn't give me the option for an Excerpt, so on the front page my Excerpt is blank.permalink


johnnyp14 How would you make the category (podcasts) sortable? I'm still a little unsure how everything relates. I'm thinking "PODCASTS" will be the parent category and then subcategories like "2010", "2011", and "2012." The user would click "2012" on the podcast page and only the 2012 items would remain (like the categories in Thank you!permalink


marknuyens I was wondering the same thing as dsongman (see below). How can you add images per gallery. For example: I want to have 10 images in the gallery 2010?permalink