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  • Name David Anderson
  • Location Valley of the Sun
  • Web http://bit.ly/ElearningHeroes
  • Bio I'm an e-learning designer & Community Manager @Articulate. I share e-learning tips, screencasts & tutorials at http://screenr.com/user/elearning

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Kumar00 Hai there........permalink


FacuGimeneZz sorry, that what was copied and was for someone else, great job, I served :Dpermalink


ywsanchez The simplest tools are always the most brilliant:) Thanks for sharing.permalink


elearning Pretty cool, right? Lot of functionality in that little window:-) permalink


gchruney Ah, allow seeking! Thank you!permalink


elearning @gchruney - Oh sure. Just click the gear icon to bring up the slide layer properties. There's an option to allow seeking: http://d.pr/i/lIID Slide layers have quite a few options. You can see all the options in this article: http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/adding-and-editing-slide-layers.aspxpermalink


gchruney Sorry, I meant to say when you insert your video on a layer. Then it does not appear to sync. permalink


elearning @gchruney - Storyline will auto-sync the file to your main timeline. Just go to Insert > Video > and select your video. The video will sync with your slide and the player scrubber.permalink


gchruney How do you synchronize the slide with the movie in Storyline? permalink


mrzuio You can make it look even more realistic when you create a shadow of the image, where the shadow goes to the inside. This will create depth to the polaroid. permalink