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  • Name Tracy Parish
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hamtra Hi Farfle77 - Great idea and that makes perfect sense in theory....give it a try. Doesn't work. There isn't the option to have a trigger react to a cue point on the time line. Would be brilliant idea to submit to Articulate as a feature request.permalink


Farfle77 Hi I love your silent tracks trick. It is slick. However, it prompted my to ask. Would it be just as practical to trigger your adjacent slide layers to appear from cue points along the same original sound track? Instead of making extra blank tracks? Or am I missing something (which is usually the case). thanks a bunch!permalink


hamtra Great to hear Clare. :)permalink


ClareGo34 Excellent screencast - thanks so much, it was exactly the information I was looking for. Thanks! Claregopermalink


briandusablon Ah. Found this fix - you have to cut and paste the scenes. http://community.articulate.com/forums/p/12780/76481.aspx#76481permalink


briandusablon Hi Tracy - thanks for pointing out the green flag. Did you ever find out if you could renumber the scenes? I find it incredibly annoying in complex Storyline builds to not be able to reorder AND renumber those scenes.permalink


Diljith That is a simple but a great tip. I used to always use the youtube as a link which interrupts the flow of the ppt for an e-learning course permalink


PapayaWorks All good stuff, but a word of caution. All that's being embedded into the slide is a video player, not the actual video. So when presenting, you will need to be connected to the internet.permalink


hamtra Related screenr here - http://www.screenr.com/L3hHpermalink


hamtra Updated with a slightly quicker method here - http://www.screenr.com/YhgHpermalink