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gchruney Thank you for answering, Jeanette. Yes, I used the Import functionality as I'd read in the forum that it was more reliable. Superhero Rebecca saw that Storyline duplicates the variables when you import it into another .story file, which was helpful. But a coworker told me to copy all of the slides into the file where the interaction was working. And that was a workaround for the problem. Regards, Georgepermalink


jeanettebrooks Hi George, did you just copy your slide and insert it into another project? Or did you use Storyline's actual import feature to import the slide? I'd recommend the latter. If that doesn't help, can you post your question in the Storyline forum so that the community can take a look and help troubleshoot? permalink


gchruney Btw, thank you for this screencast, Jeanette. I'd be glad to email you the single slide version to show you I followed your screencast precisely. Thanks again, Georgepermalink


gchruney Hi Jeanette, I followed this excellent screencast exactly, and it worked just as you said. But when I tried to put the screen into another Storyline, it would not acknowledge the correct answers no matter what I did. I tried copying the screen into the other Storyline and importing it into the other Storyline, and I simply cannot get it to work the way it does when it is in it's own Storyline. Do you know why that is? Regards, George permalink


Piksee How do we evaluate the response.. I mean does the result slide and the LMS show the score of this slide? And can we assign points for each individual response, so that if a person only fills 4 boxes correctly, he get 4 points and not 6 (supposing that each box carries one point) permalink


jeanettebrooks Yep, it'll work for more than a two-slide course. And nope, the result slide can be in any spot after the Freeform Pick One question.permalink


wbouchard Hi Jeanette will this work for more than a two slide course and does the freeform slide and the results slide have to be back-to-back? Thankspermalink


VirakY I tried this out with Studion 13, but the narration that I import didn't play while I's trying to sync animation. What is going on with it?permalink


VirakY Love your ScreenCast. Clear explanation always!permalink


Stephans Jeanette Great screen cast, Thank-you! Is there any way to modify the banner that appears on the bottom of the review slides (Green correct and a Red incorrect ribbon). They are blocking my navigation buttons on the slide original slide. I can't seem to fined information on how to customize this. permalink