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OpsTrainer I went to incompetech.com, but the site is quite different from that shown in this video. This site LOOKS like it might be the right one. Apparently, however, the site has been significantly reduced, or I've used the wrong URL. In any case, incompetech.com does not have the storyboard pdf template.permalink


JamesB Great tutorial - but I had to go to 'Customise Quick Access Toolbar' to find these custom shape options and then add them to the toolbar.permalink


Ananth Combining shapes tutorial is an excellent feature. At least for eLearning ,Power Point is quite a good substitute for Illustrator or other vector drawing applications and so much easier to learn and less expensive as well. Thanks for helping me to add to my skills.permalink


LMFDesign This was just the tutorial I needed to get me started. I thought PPT 2010 had done away with the Animation Pane, which made me frantic! I'm glad to see that it's still there, along with a host of great new features.permalink


learningppt RT @elearning How to use Photoshop selections & masking techniques to create e-learning graphics permalink


learningppt Always amazed at the creative techniques in PowerPoint, like this masking effect via @mlearningpermalink


learningppt RT @slhice Create an Etch-A-Sketch in #PowerPoint as an interesting element in your #Articulate #elearning courses. permalink