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  • Name TJ Holowaychuk
  • Location Victoria BC
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  • Bio JavaScript, nodejs, c, erlang, ruby, and c++ hacker, open source guru, creative OCD software engineer at LearnBoost

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Tincho64 TJ, is it possible to fork a process to another computer in the same network? If so, how do you think I should do that? I have several embedded single core computers that run Node, and I want to make a cluster with them connected via ethernet. Thanks in advance! Love your work, Express, Jade, Mocha. You are a great inspiration to me as a js developer.permalink


devinrhode2 @miksago I looked into the ~user.roles.indexOf call and basically when indexOf returns -1, aka string not found, then ~-1 === 0, which is falsey. It is basically the same thing as if (user.roles.contains('admin')) except the contains method isn't super universal yet. ~variable.indexOf is a slick alternative to .contains.permalink


pixel67 Hella Cool!permalink


commander can you please kill that bird next timepermalink


ijin Very useful, thak you! Looking for this for a week i think =)permalink


thesilentman HI TJ, great stuff!! Love the birdie in the background :Dpermalink


sigi Good cast, how do I go about determining the optimal number of workers per CPU?permalink


Lobs Hey man, thanks for the vids.. I was almost leaving the page when I saw the screencasts link! Is there a way for you to make this screencasts avaliable for download? I could download it in some non oficial way, but I think making them downloadable would be nicer =D Thanks again!permalink