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VibeThemes Please clarify : You're unable to view the video ? or What is shown in Video is not working ? If latter is the case then you can refer to forums :


Olivierobranden This video is not working?permalink


shouts installs no problem, just doesn't workpermalink


VibeThemes Did you create a slider with your images? Please create a thread here. ( v )permalink


mossbit So I did as the video showed after pausing it several times 1. Opened vSlider in the dashboard 2. Named vSlider "header" 3. Opened the vSlider editor put my header image size. 4. Opened the header in the parent theme of Twenty Eleven and placed your code <?php vslider('header'); ?> right after <?php endif; // end check for removed header image ?> the Twenty Eleven Code. Now what showed up was your images not mine How do I get my images to show up?????permalink


gdaebfc Hi. I know it's not possible to have an easy answer to fit the code into the various header.php scripts that are out there... that said, I managed to wrongly locate the code a couple of times in a theme called Adventure Journal. I thought that if the solution to this situation produced an instruction that would be useful for installing VSlider into many themes it might make sense to work on a solution. TIA, Mikepermalink


mysticdewsys Is there anywhere I can find the PHP code to use for a header? The video goes a little too fast and I am no coder, so uit is even harder for me. Can you please post it somewhere? with directions?permalink


katiehoward where is the audio?permalink


DavidJM Hi there Can I do the same in canvas theme?permalink


CCOWLS Is this supposed to have audio?permalink