Instant Screencasts: Just click record

Screenr’s web-based screen recorder makes it a breeze to create and share your screencasts around the web.
Just click the record button, capture your screen & voice, and share the link. Some people even call it fun!

  • Nothing to install or download
  • Record on your Mac or PC
  • Plays everywhere on the web, even iPhones
  • Start now-it's completely FREE

Why Create Screencasts

  • Share your knowledge on Twitter and Facebook
  • Reveal tips, tricks and software shortcuts
  • Showcase the ins and outs of new products and apps
  • Build brand and expert reputation
  • Embed video tutorials on sites and blogs

People Love Screenr

Using @Screenr to create and embed some kick butt training vignettes for a presentation. *LOVE* this website by @Articulate! #rocks

@screenr is awesome. Looking for excuses to use it.

@Screenr SUUUCCCHHHH a great app!!! love it

Where has @screenr been all my life? Exactly what I was looking for.

I don't say it enough, I love @screenr - makes explaining things to clients so simple.

I love @Screenr - it makes quick recordings to demonstrate what I mean to clients SO MUCH EASIER!

.@screenr is the greatest thing ever. EVAR.

I am so in love with @Screenr Easy way to do short video tutorials! Working on a Wordpress HOW TO package 4 my clients

I'm v impressed with @screenr - I remember when you had to shell out £00s to get this quality of screencast, now it's free! #techisawesome

Thank you @screenr you saved my butt today!

It is so useful when people create mini screencasts to show you their problems with a service. @screenr is awesome for this.

I think @Screenr is the best quality web app of its kind!

Just discovered @Screenr. It's possibly the best thing since the invention of cheese.

@40deuce Was just using today @screenr which is a joy of an invention

@screenr rocks! I love that service.

@Screenr Definitely the easiest screencast solution, period.

Just produced two short screencasts with @screenr for #com495 -- It's drop-dead simple. And fast. I'd pay for this. #innovation

#HolyCrap! I am amazed at how good and clear and FAST @Screenr is. I will always use you guys now for future clients and support. #video

Learning a lot via @screenr - great app!

@Screenr Thanks for such a simple-to-use tool! Absolutely awesome!

Have to love @screenr --> making high-res, simple, quality screencasts couldn't be any simpler; kudos!

@Screenr is probably the best screencasting app in the world.

Buzz about Screenr

New York Times

We immediately liked Screenr

“Screenr stands out because of how incredibly easy it is to record a screencast and share it with your friends.”


Easiest screencasts ever

“The best option for creating screencasts fast and getting them posted immediately.”


Publishing is practically effortless

“If you want to create a simple and straight-forward video tutorial… you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better tool.”

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